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Where is the cheapest bigo recharge price in Malaysia?

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In the past few days, the editor can always find friends playing BIGO LIVE. I tried it and found that this is really a treasure live broadcast app. This article will introduce in detail how to recharge BIGO LIVE diamonds cheaply and safely.

BIGO is a global live broadcast platform, covering 150 countries and 400 million users, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, users in mainland China cannot directly search and download in the Apple App Store, nor can they directly recharge or purchase gifts through Apple Pay.

Which is the cheapest bigo diamond price in Malaysia?

With so many value storage methods, which one is the cheapest Bigo official value storage method?

Take the Bigo US region as an example:

Credit card: 1 diamond = 0.023~0.033 US dollars Razer Gold: 1 diamond = $0.024 These are not the cheapest, Bigo’s cheapest way to store value is in the back: Livesbuy (officially authorized Bigo store value platform): 1 diamond = $0.020! Although the price of 1 diamond is not much different, but tens of thousands of diamonds can still be cheaper by tens to hundreds of dollars.

To sum up, the cheapest Bigo diamond recharge is, which only needs a BIGO ID to complete the recharge, arrives in a few minutes, and is open 24 hours a day.

How to top up Bigo diamonds on Livesbuy?

  1. Open Livesbuy and recommend “BIGO LIVE Official ID Direct Charge” first;
  2. Select the number of BIGO diamonds to store value, and click the “Buy” button;
  3. Enter the correct BIGO ID, the bound BIGO mobile phone number, and click “Pay Now”
  4. Select the payment method on the cashier page, support Visa/Mastercard/AE/Discover/JCB credit card debit card, PayPal payment, and complete the payment.
  5. After the customer service approves the order, the BIGO diamond recharge can be completed within 3 minutes.

If you are placing an order for the first time, it is recommended that after the payment is completed, return to livesbuy “My Orders” to check the order approval status. If it is displayed to be reviewed, please contact the online customer service in the lower right corner, and complete the order certification according to the guidance of the customer service, so as to facilitate delivery as soon as possible.


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