How to recharge bigo live diamonds cheaply?

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How to recharge Bigo?

BIGO LIVE is a live social platform mainly for Southeast Asia, the main users are young people aged 18-25. Covering 150 countries and 400 million users, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. Users in mainland China cannot directly search and download in the Apple App Store, nor can they directly recharge through Apple Pay to purchase gifts.Livesbuy is officially authorized by BIGO and the cheapest diamond recharge platform, the price is 1 Bigo diamond = 0.088 MYR.

  1. .Open the BIGO LIVE diamond recharge product
  2. Select the number of BIGO diamonds to be recharged and click to buy;
  3. Correctly enter your BIGO ID, BIGO binding mobile phone number, click to pay now;
  4. Select the payment method, you can use Malaysian credit card, TNG, FPX, Grabpay, MayBank2U, PayPal, Maybank transfer, and click the payment button;
  5. Complete the payment and wait for BIGO to automatically recharge and ship;


What are bigo diamonds for?

Bigo Diamonds can be used to purchase various items within the app such as virtual gifts, stickers and other in-app purchases. Virtual gifts can also be redeemed for real rewards, making it a fun and interactive way for users to engage with the platform and its community. Diamonds can then be used to interact with live streamers and express appreciation for their content, or to participate in various activities on the platform.

How to check the number of BIGO diamonds?

To check the amount of BIGO diamonds in your account, please follow the steps below: Open the BIGO Live app: Launch the app on your device and log into your account. Visit your profile: Look for the profile icon and click on it to visit your profile page. Check Diamond Balance: On your profile page, you will see your diamond balance displayed. This is the number of diamonds you currently have in your account.



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