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Teach You How To Cheaply Recharge Discount Bigo Live Diamonds

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Is there a discount on bigo diamond recharge? How to buy discount bigo diamonds?

Bigo Live is the world’s leading social live streaming platform that allows millions of users to share their lives, showcase their talents and interact with each other. In this vibrant social world, Bigo Diamonds are an indispensable virtual currency used to buy gifts, support favorite hosts and enhance user experience.

How to buy bigo diamonds with discount?

Method 1: Buy discounted Bigo Diamonds within Bigo Live

Log in to your Bigo Live account: Open the Bigo Live app and log in to your account.

Go to the ‘Top Up’ page: On the homepage or sidebar of the app, find the option ‘Top Up’ or ‘Top Up Bigo Diamonds’ and click on it.

Viewing Discounts: On the Top Up page, you may see advertisements or announcements of discounts. Click on these advertisements or announcements to view details about the discounted Bigo Diamonds.

Choose how to buy: Choose how to buy Bigo Diamonds based on the discount information. Typically, you will need to select the quantity and denomination of Bigo Diamonds on the purchase page.

Complete Payment: Select a payment method and complete the payment process, the Bigo Diamonds will normally be credited to your Bigo Live account as soon as the payment has been made.

Method 2: Use livesbuy top up platform to buy discounted Bigo Diamonds

Choose the livesbuy platform that is officially partnered with the platform that offers buy cheap bigo diamonds.

There are often promotional information about discount Bigo diamonds on the livesbuy platform. These information are usually published on the platform’s website or public number.

Based on the promotional information, select the specifications for buying Bigo diamonds on the livesbuy platform and the payment method you want to use.

After selecting the payment method and completing the payment, the Bigo Diamonds will usually be credited to your Bigo Live account as soon as the payment has been successfully made.



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