Bigo live diamond purchase in Pakistan cheap price!delivery fast,10mins!payments gcash,paypal,paytm...
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Bigo Live Diamond Purchase In Pakistan

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Why do foreigners need to find an overseas Bigo Diamond recharge platform? Because they don’t have a Chinese bank card. Find a reliable Bigo Diamond top up platform and this problem will not bother you anymore. There are also a lot of people using Bigo LIVE in Pakistan, so how to top up Bigo Diamond online when you need to top up Bigo Diamond? How to top up Bigo diamonds Pakistan at low price?

How to purchase Bigo Live Diamonds in Pakistan at low prices?

Using low cost top-ups for Bigo diamonds in Pakistan is a major concern for most Pakistanis. So how to recharge Bigo diamonds at low prices? I hope these methods can help you!

1.   BIGO LIVE app to top up Bigo Diamonds in Pakistan

It is very convenient to top up Bigo diamonds directly in the wallet of BIGO LIVE app, you just need to choose the diamond specifications and payment method and you are done. If you don’t have the payment method you want to use, then you will not be able to top up in the BIGO LIVE app.

2.   Third-party Pakistani Bigo Diamond top-up platform

This way of topping up Bigo Diamonds is also a very good option. It is suitable for people who don’t have a Chinese bank card or don’t have an official top up payment method. Because the top up platform supports more payment methods and is safe and fast. Payment methods like: PayPal top up Bigo Diamond / credit card top up Bigo Diamond / overseas bank card top up Bigo Diamond.

What is the price of Bigo beans in Pakistan?

Regular users of Bigo LIVE know that Bigo Diamonds and Bigo Beans are not the same. bigo diamonds can be topped up, but you cannot buy beans. Pakistani Bigo Diamonds can be used to buy virtual gifts on the app, Bigo Beans cannot. But if you want to redeem money then you can only redeem Bigo Beans. In Pakistan one Bigo bean can be exchanged for 1 USD, which you can convert to Pakistani Rupees at the exchange rate of the day.

How to cash out beans to your bank card in Pakistan?

When you have Bigo beans, you can redeem them for money to top up your bank card. So how to cash out Bigo beans to your bank card in Pakistan?

  1. Log in to Bigo Live and click on “Me”.
  2. Click on “Wallet”.
  3. Click on “Beans”.
  4. Click on “Redeem Rewards”.
  5. Fill in the cash amount.
  6. Select the cash out bank account.
  7. Confirm the redemption and finish.

8.  How to recharge Bigo Diamonds in Pakistan with PayPal?

If you can’t use PayPal to top up Bigo Diamond in Pakistan, then you can change your top up method and you can choose a third party top up platform. Because it supports PayPal payment and GCash recharge diamonds. This way you can easily top up Bigo LIVE diamonds in Pakistan.


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